This module contains instruction and self-tests for the high-school math needed in college physics.

The module was developed by Fred Reif and his colleagues at Berkeley as a "handout."  Project Physnet put it into machine-readable form, has used it for several years in both print and Web forms with hundreds of students, and has revised it in small ways with feedback from students and instructional staff.

The currently module is available in PDF and PS formats.  It is copyrighted but is freely available for personal use by persons who download it, including individul faculty who can distribute it to students in their own class, subject to these conditions: (1) any cost to students must not exceed the cost of printing and distribution; (2) the authors' names and the Physnet copyright, address, and revision date must remain at the beginning of the module; and (3) any revision not approved by Project Physnet must be clearly delineated and marked with the name of the person(s) who contributed the revision.

For m401 in PDF format, 658KB:    m401.pdf 
Note: For reading or printing this file you must use Acrobat Reader, version 3.01 or higher.
For m401 in PostScript, 1887KB:    m401.ps

Note: the current HTML version of m401 is in a Web "self-test" format and is in active use in MSU courses: contact the project director if you are interested. A full Web version of the manuscript will be posted here when it is finished.

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